The most romantic destination in every state

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Valentine’s Day can be daunting to plan, but half the work is coming up with a great date idea.

Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway, dinner in an intimate setting with incredible food, or a spa day, there’s a place in every state to take your valentine and treat them to something special. 

Below are 50 great date ideas to snag as your own, or to get your wheels turning on how you can treat your date. From a couple-owned wine bar in Connecticut, to a spa day near the Grand Canyon, to a quaint bed and breakfast in Indiana — be sure to make this year’s Valentine’s Day unforgettable.  

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Alabama: Wine Trails

Alabama’s very own wine country has three different trails you can follow and sip wine along the way. With 13 different vineyards acting as official members of the Alabama Wineries Association, there’s a pit-stop for everyone.

Alaska: Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn and Spa

Located in Juneau, Alaska, Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn and Spa is a boutique hotel that offers spa treatments and an incredible view.   

Arizona: Enchantment Resort

Based on 70 acres of land, the Enchantment Resort surrounds you with views of beautiful red rock, spa treatments, and of course, access to the Grand Canyon.

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The most romantic destination in every state